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Looking for a location for Samsung’s service center in Semarang?  If so, you are at the right place. The presence of a repair center can help you repair various Samsung products, such as smartphones, laptops, DVDs, refrigerators, etc. It is guaranteed that any damage that occurs can be repaired properly so that it can be used successfully again.

The electronic products you already have use advanced technology, but the names of human handmade goods cannot be avoided from damage ranging from light to large-scale.

For users who want to repair electronic products, they have two choices: take them to a regular service provider or bring them to the official repair center of the company concerned. If you are the owner of goods from Samsung, the presence of Samsung Service Center Semarang is definitely the best choice, right?

We all already need to know that Samsung is one of the most reputable electronics companies in the world, including Indonesia. There is already a large selection of electronic products that fans are always waiting for. One of the excellent products they have is smartphones.

Samsung is known as one of the electronics companies that constantly incorporates a variety of advanced and up-to-date technologies into each product, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid damage, right? That’s why the existence of Samsung’s service center Semarang in the midst of society seems to be the answer.

Location of Samsung Service Center Semarang

Semarang is one of the cities in  Indonesia and has a very high concentration of business activities. Semarang, known as the city of Atlas, has  a wide variety of business, entertainment and tourist facilities and is very complete. Not only that, but Samsung merchandise users don’t have to worry.

The reason is that you can easily find the presence of Samsung’s service center Semarang. Kehadiran service, repair centers offer various types of repairs for all the damage to electronic products you have. For customers, here is the location of Samsung’s repair center where it is located in Semarang.

  1. Semarang Java Mall

The location of the first Samsung Service Center Semarang is located in Semarang Java Mall. In this shopping center you can go directly to the first floor number 104 and find a repair center. The address of Semarang Java Mall is located in Jalan MT Halyono 992-994 Semarang Central Java.

  1. Simpan Square 5

On the other hand, for those who live in Semarang urban area, the presence of a service center from Samsung is located in Plaza Simpan 5 of the first floor numbers 120, 121, 136 and 137 in Jalan Jendel Lal Afmadyani No.1 Semarangkota – Central Java.    You can contact this service center by phone at 024 8457040 and you can come all the way from 10 am

  1. Central Lamper

In addition to the above two service locations, you can also come directly to Jalan Lampatenga number 659 precisely at Lampatenga, South Semarang-50248. The venue is open from 9:30 a.m. to the end of the day. Make sure you arrive on time so that you can receive the best service and service.

These are some alternatives to electronic product repair centers from Samsung that you can go to. Before you decide to bring your favorite items, don’t forget to bring a  damaged item or warranty card if it’s still there to save money.

The beginning of the success of the huge Samsung company

Do you already know the address of Samsung’s service center Semarang? If we do not look for how to look for the beginning of the success of the company giant from South Korea, it feels incomplete. Daiman is very popular in different parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Who would have thought that Samsung turned out to be a noodle company in the first place before becoming one of the biggest electronics companies? In 1938, owner Lee Byung-cheol himself sold the noodles for about US$25 for the first time since the Korean War. Until then, Lee Byung Chol expanded its business to Korea’s largest text-sexter and wool factory.

Around 1970, new subsidiaries of Samsung such as Samsung Shipbuilding, Heavy Industries, and Precision Company were finally established. During that time, the company began to invest in heavy industries such as chemicals, Petrokia, etc ., and grew into large companies with promising profits. It has also become one of the largest companies in Korea.

Meanwhile, the company entered the world of electronics industry in the 1970s and started exporting home appliances overseas. Until the 2000s, Samsung Galaxy smartphones began to emerge, which until now became one of the best-selling smartphones. In addition, they also sell a wide variety of accessories from mobile phones.

Advantages of repair products di service center official Semarang

Below are some of the benefits you can get when repairing products at Samsung’s service center.

  1. We have professional technicians

Those who bring Samsung products such as mobile phones and laptops to Samsung’s service center Semarang, don’t worry. Because they have professional and trained technicians. In addition, they are also underpinned by the presence of sophisticated and modern equipment to provide convenience in the process of repairing damage.

  1. Using the Original Components

Most people are worried about repairing goods because they are afraid of being replaced with fake parts. Obviously it’s very harmful, right? However, if you take it to an official service place, your worries will disappear as it is guaranteed to be designed using the original components. It is guaranteed to maintain the performance of your goods.

  1. Has a clear repair rate

One of the drawbacks when repairing electronic products at a service point is that there is usually no clear tariff. Of course, this is just a question, isn’t it? However, with official service, you are guaranteed clarity of the repair rate that will be adjusted to the type of damage.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry about additional costs either.

  1. The location is very strategic

This is an advantage if you come to Samsung’s service center located in Semarang. With its strategic location, it provides convenience in reaching that place so as to save your time. In addition, it is supported by a very complete Semarang transportation.

Tips before bringing electronic products to the service center

Of course, there are some tips that you need to pay attention to before bringing electronic products to the service center. Below are some tips you can use before bringing your electronic products to the service center.

  1. Check for damage first

The most important thing is to check the damage first. You need to be aware of the types of damage seen in electronic products such as mobile phones, laptops, DVDs and other products.

  1. Prepare important documents before coming to the repair center

If you can’t resolve the damage yourself, you can take it directly to the repair center. However, before you do so, be sure to prepare important support documents, such as warranty cards, if they have not yet expired. This makes it cost-effective.

  1. Be sure to ask for a repair warranty

Finally, if the product has been repaired, don’t forget to ask for a repair warranty again. The existence of a warranty is very important because you can claim the warranty again if you have the desired result.

One of the safest ways to ensure that your electronics are not damaged is to take them to an authorized service center. Given that there are many disadvantages to making decisions to ordinary military personnel. Immediately come to  the Samsung Service Center Semarang closest to where you live.

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